Wednesday 27 Dec 2023


Christmas Appeal – Help Thousands of Sick & Injured Animals Like Demi

Pets like Demi need your help.
Please support our charitable work this Christmas.

Demi was lethargic, had a fever and was refusing to eat. She was in severe discomfort. Her owners were very worried for the 11-year-old Collie crossbreed. What could they do? They brought her to the Irish Blue Cross Mobile Clinic in Ballybrack. And that made all the difference.

Our vet found that Demi had a very swollen tummy. There was discharge from her vulva. The vet identified these symptoms as suspected pyometra, an infection of the womb. If not treated immediately, Demi could die.

We referred Demi to our pet hospital in Inchicore, where a large pyometra was detected on ultrasound. Demi was rushed into surgery, revealing an enormously swollen uterus filled with infectious pus. This was a closed pyometra, a potentially fatal medical emergency. Removing this enlarged, infected uterus risked sepsis, a huge recovery time, or even death for Demi.

Thankfully the surgery was successful but there was still much to be done. We gave Demi fluids, pain relief medication, antibiotics – and a huge dose of TLC from the entire team. Her pet parents looked after her while her wounds healed, spoiling her with kindness and keeping her comfortable. Demi survived her infection and recovered, thanks to the quick intervention of the Irish Blue Cross

Luckily for Demi, we were there. Luckily for us, so are you.

“We are forever grateful to the vets & nurses in The Irish Blue Cross. The level of care was second to none, and it was fantastic to have Demi back on her four legs!” – Demi’s Owner.

Please support our charitable work this Christmas, and help save the lives of thousands of more pets like Demi.

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A Message from our Vet, Laura

We rely heavily on donations from the public, without which we could not have helped so many animals and owners this year, like lovely Demi and her family.

Through a challenging year, our teams have worked incredibly hard on your behalf, to provide veterinary treatment for the pets who need us. And who’s owners need them.

We know pets can change lives, often providing vital companionship and support through life’s challenges. With the cost of living continuing to increase, pets and these important relationships, have been even more at risk.  Your generosity can directly prevent these pets from suffering – such an incredible gift this time of year!

From all of us at The Irish Blue Cross, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Laura Mock
Head of Veterinary Services, The Irish Blue Cross