Friday 8 Mar 2024 - Friday 5 Apr 2024


Easter Appeal 2024

The entries for the Easter Raffle 2024 are now closed. The list of the winning tickets is available below. From all of us at The Irish Blue Cross, we’d like to sincerely thank everyone who supported our Easter Appeal this year.

While taking part in the Easter Raffle is no longer possible this year – you can always make a donation to support The Irish Blue Cross pet patients – so that the pets keep winning!

Support our Easter Raffle! It’s the pets who win!

It’s time for our annual Easter Raffle, with lots of fantastic prizes, and all money raised going directly to fund our work with sick and needy pets. There are also fabulous sellers’ prizes up for grabs, so please encourage your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to buy tickets. Your chance to win amazing prizes – pet’s chance at a happier and healthier life!

Will you help the sick and needy pets this Easter?

Molly’s Story

A rescue dog who stole her owner’s heart almost 14 years ago, Molly is adorable beyond words. But her medical condition certainly was not adorable. At age 10, Molly lost her eyesight to glaucoma, and the kindest thing that could be done for her was to remove her eyes.
Her owner feels lucky to have The Irish Blue Cross and our charitable veterinary services available. She has been very happy with the quality of the treatment Molly has received over the years.

Molly showed us how adaptable and resilient dogs can be. Despite losing her sight she still played outside with her younger brothers and frolicked around with the squeaky toys she adores. Unfortunately, in November 2023, her owner noticed Molly was coughing and took her to The Irish Blue Cross. Our vets examined Molly and found a heart murmur. Concerned that Molly may have a problem with one of the valves in her heart, our team started her on medication. Molly returned to us to see a specialist in early 2024, where the diagnosis was confirmed. She would need to stay on medication which will give her the best quality of life for as long as possible. Our vets and nurses will be here for Molly in any way she needs, because care is always at the heart of our work.

Every year, countless pets come to our Inchicore and mobile clinics. We’re dedicated to helping these pets live happier and healthier lives. That’s why every donation matters.

“My pets and I have been attending The Irish Blue Cross for over 20 years. They are so professional, friendly, and caring in their work. It is an essential service for so many people who rely on it. I cannot praise them highly enough, any treatment they have given my pets has always been a success.” -Molly’s owner

Please help us with a donation or by taking part in our Easter Raffle. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support. To support the life saving work that we do, click here to make a donation now.

You can also download and read our wonderful Easter newsletter here.


Update: Our Easter Raffle 2024 draw has taken place, and here are the lucky winning tickets:

Prize Ticket Number
1st 07852
2nd 24422
3rd 18275
4th 18274
5th 24547
6th 03839
7th 24151
8th 19789
9th 03417
10th 05942
11th 12448
12th 23220
13th 23628
14th 03392
15th 23214
Sellers Prize Ticket Number
1st 05413
2nd 00193
3rd 03890