How We Saved Bonnie’s Life

This is Bonnie, a 9-year-old Shih Tzu and beloved companion to her owner, Audrey. Bonnie had bladder stones caused by a bladder infection. She was suffering huge discomfort. Some patients with bladder stones will have bloody urine, recurrent bladder infections and difficulty urinating. If they cause a blockage and the pet is unable to urinate, the stones can lead to a life-threatening emergency.

Bonnie was brought to our clinic in Inchicore, where our veterinary team leapt into action, giving her an X-ray and a scan. They identified that Bonnie needed urgent surgery, and thanks to our vets’ expertise and care, the operation was a success.

Bonnie’s life was saved.

Our vets and nurses gave Bonnie all the aftercare she needed – including the occasional belly rub, making her tail wag with happiness!

Bladder stones often require lifelong management for pets – that’s why our team have put Bonnie on special medication and a bespoke diet. She has regular check-ups at our Inchicore clinic to make sure that she is responding well to treatment.

“The Blue Cross is a fantastic resource, they have been so good to our two rescue dogs, but especially Bonnie, with her multiple surgeries and endless visits. We can always count on the Blue Cross and we know Bonnie is in great hands with them. We appreciate all the staff so much, from the vets to the drivers of the mobile clinics.” – Audrey, Bonnies Owner.

You can read the Irish Blue Cross Easter Newsletter 2022 here. 

Thankfully for Bonnie and her owner, the Irish Blue Cross team were there when they needed us.

Bonnie survived her trauma and has recovered well, thanks to the quick intervention of the Irish Blue Cross team.

Luckily for Bonnie and her family, the Irish Blue Cross team were there when they needed us. Today, she’s come through her ordeal, and is thriving.

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