How We Saved Snoops Life

Snoop was viciously attacked by another dog. He needed extensive surgery to stop the bleeding and to stitch up his wounds.

Some of the wounds were really badly infected and very hard to stitch together.

The blood vessel was severed, and retracted deeply into Snoops muscle. This made the blood vessel extremely difficult to locate, making surgery extremely difficult and risky.

Luckily for Snoop, our dedicated team were able to leap into action, and save his life.

He had to be hospitalised for over a week. It was touch and go whether Snoop was going to make it.

He wouldn’t eat at the time so his owner dropped in Granby burgers which or team gladly cooked for him! Eventually, thanks to some TLC from our vets and nurses, he eventually started to come back to his normal self.

Pamela Higgins, Snoops Owner; “Thank god for the blue cross that they were open, even during lockdown. We thought we would a huge part of the family, we were fearing the worst and were absolutely devastated. Myself and my daughter went over to the head clinic in Inchicore, expecting bad news after the surgery.

Couldn’t believe how well he was after all the care! We couldn’t be be anymore grateful to the The Irish Blue Cross. Only for them he wouldn’t be here today. They don’t get enough appreciation, or the acknowledgement they deserve. Absolute superstars, we’d be lost without them. They take such good care of the animals. Thank you so much, we would have been lost without you.”

Snoop is now fully recovered and back to hi old self at home. He stole our hearts in the clinic, he was such a trooper.

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