How We Rescued Sparkles

Sparkles is adorable. But her circumstances certainly weren’t. This lovely puppy was found alone, whimpering, and left for dead in an alley. Her face was bloody and swollen. She was unable to put any weight on her tiny paws. Things were looking bleak for Sparkles.

Only for a passer-by hearing her cries in that alley, Sparkles would have died. This kind stranger brought her to our clinic in Inchicore, to see if she could be saved.

Sparkles had puncture wounds on her chin, which was bloody and inflamed, and on her ears. Her paws were mangled. X-Rays revealed that the growth plates on her bones were damaged, which meant that her bones might not fuse together properly, as she was so young. Our vets estimated that she was just four weeks old. Not only was Sparkles in agony, there was a very real possibility that she might never be able to walk properly again.

Poor Sparkles was constantly whining and crying because of her pain and the trauma of her experiences. Our team of vets and nurses put her on a course of painkillers to ease her distress. They then went to work on treating her disfigured jaw and healing her damaged paws.

Sparkles’s injuries were so extensive, we kept her under observation for a week, and were able to nurture her back to full health. Thanks to the expertise and care of our vets and nurses, Sparkles made a full recovery.

Our vets and nurses gave the puppy all the aftercare and TLC she needed – including the occasional tickle to her tummy, causing her tail to wag with happiness.

Sparkles stole the hearts of everyone in the Irish Blue Cross, and we were overjoyed that she was well again. However, as she was abandoned, she still had no home.

We were able to find her a wonderful and caring owner, who gave the puppy the name ‘Sparkles’, as she lights up her home.

Continuing Sparkles’s rehabilitation, this new owner treats her with kindness, keeps her comfortable, and gives her the occasional treat.

“I can’t believe that anyone could simply abandon something so beautiful, fragile, delicate. Thank God that stranger found her, and the Irish Blue Cross was able to nurture her back to good health. Sparkles brings me joy every single day, and I cannot imagine my life without her.” – Sparkles’s owner.

Luckily for Sparkles, the Irish Blue Cross team were there to save her life. Today, she’s come through her ordeal, and is living her best life!

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An Update From Sparkles!

“Hi, I’m Sparkles. I’m sure some of you remember me and my sad story from the past. As a tiny puppy, I was found in an alley, whimpering, and left for dead. It was a very traumatic experience for someone as young as I. Luckily for me, The Irish Blue Cross team were there to save my life – and I still see them for regular check-ups.

Nearly a year has passed since I was found alone in that dark and cold alley, with no one to care for me. Thanks to professional care, love, and dedication of The Irish Blue Cross team I am thriving and have got a second chance at life. Just look at me now -what a strong and proud dog I’ve become! I got my name Sparkles because my lovely owner says I light up her home, her heart, and the hearts of others around me, too. I hope my owner knows that she is the light of my life!”

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