Sunday 5 May 2019


Easter Raffle Draw Winners 2019

We are delighted to announce the Winners of our 2019 Easter Raffle:

1st Prize V McNally, Dublin.
2nd Prize W Toner, Dublin.
3rd Prize J Smith, Kerry.
4th Prize P Browne, Dublin.
5th Prize M Whelan, Wicklow.
6th Prize C O’Reilly, Dublin.
7th Prize L McLoughlin, Dublin.
8th Prize P Dempsey, Dublin.
9th Prize F Larkin, Dublin.
10th Prize H McConnell, Dublin.
11th Prize P Joy, Dublin.
12th Prize P O’Rourke, Dublin.
13th Prize M Lacey, Dublin.
14th Prize A Cavanagh, Cork.
15th Prize A O’Donnell, Dublin.
16th Prize N Bhatt, Dublin.

1st Sellers Prize R O’Cuileain, Meath.
2nd Sellers Prize C Price, Cork.
3rd Sellers Prize H Connolly, Dublin.