Friday 21 Jan 2022


Looking After Your Pet as Restrictions Ease

With COVID-19 restrictions easing around Ireland, our Head of Veterinary Services, Úna, gives some advice on how to help your pet get used to their ‘new normal’. 

As plans are made for the country to lift restrictions, return to work and regain some of the life freedoms that we lost over the last 18 months remember your four legged friend!

Many of us have spent a lot more time at home than usual over the last 18 months and our furry little friends have become accustomed to us being home more often. A lot of people have also added a pet to their family during the pandemic.

As restrictions are lifted and life starts to resume again don’t forget to make time for your pet. They have been there for you throughout the pandemic, they have cuddled and snuggled into you on those bad days when things seemed so bleak. They are totally unaware that there is a pandemic, only aware that we have been spending so much more time with them, and, unlike their humans, they have reveled in the last 18 months!

Vet Úna with Polly & Pepper

Many of us have developed good habits of walking in the morning or evening so make sure to continue doing this with your pet. Make sure that when you return home from work in the evening you make the time to play with your pet, they will have missed you and wondered why suddenly you’re not home every day for “on demand belly rubs”!

There are lots of ways to keep your pet entertained when you’re out; for example some new toys and having the tv or radio on as background noise. If your pet is particularly stressed being left alone start to spend some time outside of the house in advance of returning to work in the office to try help them become accustomed to the new routine that will change in the coming months.

Dog walkers or a dog sitter are great options for anyone who is going to be out of the house for a particularly long day and also great for pets that suffer from separation anxiety or who are finding it difficult to adapt to our new routines.

Remember, a pet is for life not just for the pandemic. Make sure to keep plenty of time in your day to let your pet know they’re still a hugely important part of your life!