Wednesday 14 Jun 2023


Meet Our Amazing Team – Jasmin

Interview with our amazing Mobile Clinic Coordinator, Jasmin

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I hail from Dublin’s fair city. I studied animal health care in Dun Laoghaire College for two years, and am very passionate about animal welfare and all things pets! I have two dogs myself, named Princess and Diesel. Diesel is an eight-year-old Pitbull and he is very much the grumpy old man of the household. Princess is a ten-month-old mixed breed and she is basically my shadow – she has to be involved in everything I do, and go wherever I go! A 20kg Pitbull and a 5kg mongrel are a bit of an odd couple, but they are the best of friends.

What does it mean to you to work at the Irish Blue Cross?

It means the world for me to be able to work at the Irish Blue Cross. I have always had a passion for animals, and knowing I’m involved in a charity that helps pets who otherwise may have not got the treatments they needed brings me great joy and satisfaction.

I am the mobile clinics coordinator, ensuring the smooth running of our charitable services that go out Monday to Friday to 10 different locations around Dublin. My typical day would include cleaning the trucks from the clinic the night before and restocking with medicines and materials to ensure it is ready to go out to our next clinic, and liaising with our clients in arranging appointments at the various locations. No two days are ever the same!

Any memorable patients or cases?

A case that sticks out to me was that of an adorable 12-week-old puppy that was rushed to us after eating rat poison. It’s such a scary thing to happen to anyone but especially such a small young puppy. Thankfully, because of the owner’s quick thinking, she was able to get her to us within minutes of it happening and our amazing team of vets and nurses were able to get to work. After a bit of treatment and TLC, she was reunited with her owner and went home with a spring in her step!

What are you looking forward to this year?

In 2023 I am looking forward to getting more hands-on experience on each mobile clinic location. Currently I ensure everything is ready and prepped for our fantastic drivers and vets to have a smooth night, every night. I’ve recently being going to each location with the vet and volunteer drivers to get the first-hand experience of the amazing work the clinics do. I absolutely love it and am looking forward to being involved with them more and interacting with our lovely clients face to face!

Any general pet advice?

Be sure to socialise your pet well. It is important to socialise your dog with other dogs and animals. However, do not socialise them with unvaccinated dogs, especially before they themselves are vaccinated. Try to socialise them in non-doggy areas, and carry them when needs be. The most important interaction is with you and other family members! It is important your pet enjoys human company; the more people your pet meets, the more sociable they will be. Positive experience with people is the best way to get them comfortable around us humans – but it’s important to let them approach new people in their own time.

                                 Princess, Jasmin’s Pet, Having a Nap After a Busy Day!