Thursday 1 Apr 2021


Working on the Frontline – Vet Ciara

Vet Ciara talks her favorite patients, pet advice, and life during Covid…

Your experience of working during COVID?

Working during COVID has brought challenges for everyone. This is especially true in the veterinary world as we continue to remain open and provide a vital service to the public, while also trying to keep our clients and colleagues safe from the virus. Even with COVID it is important that we are there for our clients when they need us, especially during what can be emotional and challenging times for them and their pets. Under the new restrictions I know it can be difficult for clients to give us their beloved pet at the door and not being allowed into the clinic with them. Rest assured that when they are with us, they are getting constant pats, cuddles, and sneaky treats while we examine them!

What does it means to be a vet and work for The Irish Blue Cross?

Since I was a child, I have loved animals and always wanted to be a vet. It is a very long and challenging road to become a vet, but I truly believe that it is a privilege to be able to help people and their pets in their time of crisis. Being a vet, you can see the enormous bond people have with their animals – they really do become part of your family. When a client brings their pet to us it can be a very emotional experience for everyone involved.  I love working in the Irish Blue Cross because we provide such a high standard of care to pets that otherwise may not be able to receive the same care in traditional veterinary practices. We have a great team of highly experienced nurses and vets in the Irish Blue Cross and this has made working through the pandemic a lot easier. Our shared ability to work as a close-knit team has really shone in the past year!

Favourite patients or cases?

Just like parents should never admit who their favourite child is, I do not think a vet should ever say who their favourite patient is! I will admit though that I love seeing my regular patients back for repeat visits because you are able to really see the improvements over time as they follow their treatment plans. I have a strong interest in skin cases that come into the Irish Blue Cross. I really enjoy working with the clients to figure out what exactly is wrong with their pet and the best treatment plan for them. Skin issues can be a long process to fix but when you find the right treatment for the patient the impact on the animal’s quality of life is remarkable.

Any general pet advice?

My biggest advice to owners is to always monitor a pet’s diet and make sure they are feeding their pets not only good quality food but the correct amount. Maintaining a correct weight and healthy diet is the biggest step in ensuring a good quality of life for your pet. I also recommend getting used to properly looking at your pet. Spend some time consciously rubbing your pets, as this can be an easy way of noticing changes in their bodies or behaviour such as new lumps and bumps or if they are a bit sensitive in certain parts of their body. I always recommend to owners that if they notice something that they are not sure about it is always best to check with their vet. In most instances the earlier you catch things and start treatment, the better the outcome.


Vet Ciara with Sasha

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