Message from Declan Duggan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

I have been involved with the Irish Blue Cross since 1993. I became a volunteer to help set up a financial management reporting structure. As I love animals and always have either dogs or cats in my home, this added to my enthusiasm and commitment to stay. The Charity did not have many full-time paid staff at the time and mostly relied on volunteers to help run the organisation. My business background as a Management Accountant with Irish Press Newspapers then as a Manager of a Credit Union, enabled me to bring my experience, skills and knowledge to my work for the Charity. I went on to become a Trustee and have held a number of positions. I’ve been a member of the Management Committee, the Treasurer, and have served on the Remuneration Committee.

In December 2016 the Trustees elected me their Chairman. I am honoured to hold this position at a time when the Charity has expanded its services and has such a dedicated professional staff both in small-animal welfare and the horse-racing ambulance. It is a privilege to work alongside my fellow Trustees, who are wholly committed to the same cause, and provide diverse expertise to the Charity. I look forward to the rest of my time as Chairman. My aim is to see the Irish Blue Cross continue to grow its positive impact on animal lives and welfare.

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