Booster Vaccination For Your Pet

We hope you and your pet are in good health and high spirits! 🐶🐱 At The Irish Blue Cross, we’re dedicated to ensuring pets receive the best care. This is a friendly reminder about your pet’s vaccination, which our records show, may be overdue.  If this isn’t the case, please feel free to ignore.

Life can get busy, but like us, pets need preventive care for a happy and healthy life. Vaccinations are crucial for shielding your pet from illnesses, ensuring they stay happy by your side.

Why is staying up-to-date with vaccinations is so important?  

Disease Prevention: Vaccines protect your pet from potentially serious and life-threatening diseases like parvovirus and leptospirosis. By keeping their vaccinations current, you’re providing a shield against illnesses that could otherwise seriously impact their well-being.

Community Health: Vaccinating your pet not only protects them but also contributes to the overall health of the pet community. It helps create a safer environment for all pets.

Cost-Effective Care: Prevention is often more cost-effective than treating a disease after it has taken hold. Regular vaccinations can save you money by avoiding the expenses associated with treating preventable illnesses.

What are the recommended timescales for vaccinations?  

Puppies and Kittens: Initial course – First vaccine at 6-8 weeks, followed by a second 3-4 weeks later.

Adult Dogs and Cats: Boosters every 12 months; longer gaps may require restarting the initial course.

How do I book? 

If you’ve already scheduled your pet’s vaccination with us or another clinic, excellent! If not, and you’re still eligible for The Irish Blue Cross charitable services, our reception team are waiting to book you in to your local mobile clinic (6-8pm). simply email or call 01-416 3030 to book your appointment!

Monday Cabra and Tallaght

Tuesday Crumlin and Blanchardstown

Wednesday Ballyfermot, Ballybrack and Smithfield

Thursday Walkinstown and Finglas

Friday Whitehall

Just email or call 01-416 3030 with your preference of mobile clinic location to begin booking an appointment.  

A little preventive care today goes a long way to ensure a lifetime of tail wags and purrs. Thank you for your commitment to your pet’s well-being.