Vet Úna – Pet Tips for Christmas


Christmas is the most magical time of the year! It can, however, be quite a dangerous time for pets in the house if we are not careful. The festive period is such a busy time in every household, so if you have pets it is really important to make sure to take the time to pet proof your house!

Christmas trees can be a huge hazard, cats particularly love to run up Christmas trees and play with the (sometimes hazardous) decorations. Whilst this is really cute for us to watch and makes for a great Instagram picture or video it can result in the tree falling and seriously injuring your pet. Decorations can be dangerous if your pet swallows them so if your four legged friend has a tendency to eat things they shouldn’t, make sure any Christmas decorations are kept well out of their reach.

It is the season of over indulgence, and our houses are often full of food at this time of year. A lot of these foods can be highly toxic to our pets. Chocolate is the one everyone is aware of that can be poisonous for our furry friends. There are other items often found at the Christmas dinner table that are equally as poisonous; grapes, raisins, garlic, and alcohol. If you have a pet it is important to spend time with them at Christmas but take care to keep our Christmas dinner, which is high in fat and many of these toxic foods, well away from them.

If you are thinking of getting a new pet at Christmas remember a pet is for life not just for Christmas. This is a common phrase but each January still sees many unwanted pets being left into pounds and re-homing shelters. In the new year the house will be calmer and more suitable for bringing a new pet into. New pets need a lot of time and you need to prepare the house and start training from the beginning. So, if you’re thinking about getting a pet at Christmas, pause for a moment and wait until the new year to add to your family. We would also strongly advise against ever sourcing a Pet online. Please have a quick look at this video which highlights the perils of purchasing a puppy through the internet;

A lot more pet advice can be found here;

And finally, on behalf of all the Volunteers, Nurses, Vets, and Clients of the Irish Blue Cross, I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!

-Úna O’Toole