Frequently Asked Questions When You Get a New Pet

There are a lot of important things to consider if you’re looking for a new pet – from choosing the right pet, considering where to get your pet from and what you need to do when you find your new best friend. Here we have some pet advice to help you during this exciting and busy time.

Why do I need to vaccinate my pet?

How many vaccinations does my pet need?

Can my pet go outdoors after the first vaccination?

Why should I neuter my pet?

I have heard people say my pet will get fat if I neuter them is this true?

What food should I feed my dog?

What should I feed my cat?

Can I give my pet food from the table/scraps?

I only feed my dog once a day as he is overweight but he’s still not losing weight, why is this?

But what about my cat she’s eating all day and is not overweight?

I’ve heard chocolate is poisonous to pets is this true?

Are there any other items in the house I need to be careful with when I have a pet?

Do I need to clean my pet’s teeth?

Can I give my dog a bone?

Do I need to microchip my pet?

Does a microchip track my pet’s location?

Does my dog need to be groomed?

Does my cat need to be groomed?

My dog was wormed as a puppy when do I need to do it again?

My cat only gets fleas in the summer do I need to give a flea treatment in the winter?