Are you considering adopting a dog?

A Greyhound might be the perfect dog for you.

If you are adopting a dog consider a greyound or a lurcher. These breeds often take longer to find new homes as many people think of these breeds as high maintenance and driven athletes requiring a huge amount of exercise and not as family pets. Both greyhounds and lurchers can make perfect pets.

Contrary to popular opinion, these gorgeous dogs don’t need a lot of exercise and could be considered professional couch potatoes! Tending to be a little on the lazy side they love returning home after a run around the park for a snooze or to relax on a comfy sofa!

Each dog is completely different with their own individual personality. When looking at adopting a pet each individual pet’s personality and background must be considered. Generally speaking, both greyhounds and lurchers have a friendly temperament and are affectionate and gentle with people. This makes them wonderful family dogs and great companions.

There are many different types of dogs looking for good homes in your local rescue center. If you are thinking of adopting a dog please do take the time and consider adopting a greyhound or lurcher!

If you are wondering if a Greyhound or Lurcher is the right choice of dog for you, here are few things to remember.

  • They are sighthounds, so they may not always suitable to live in a house with a cat. This will depend on the individual dog and many live perfectly happy with a feline friend
  • Not only do they have exceptionally keen eyesight, they also have keen hearing and sense of smell
  • Tall and lean, they are built for speed. They also like to chase after small furry things, so you may need to keep them muzzled and on a lead in certain areas
  • Their short coat is short and easy to care for. Regular brushing with a soft bristle brush will keep your dog’s coat in the best condition
  • Invest in a warm dog coat for wet or cold weather
  • They do like their comfort. A warm, cosy bed or duvet is perfect
  • These dogs are perfect for those who enjoy a daily walk and a relaxing evening at home – most are perfectly content to spend time with their human companions relaxing on the sofa

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