Think a pet is a great Christmas present? Think again.

Christmas is a wonderful time for all the family – including our four-legged friends. But if you’re thinking of giving a pet as a gift, think again.

Pets are not suitable Christmas presents. Choosing a pet properly takes a lot of thought, planning and preparation. It’s not something to do on impulse. Wait until after the holidays are over, before deciding on this major step. You’ll then be sure a pet is what you really want, for life.

Remember – a pet brings responsibility as well as joy. For more tips on choosing yours, see our advice section here.

Christmas is a very busy time in the household. There are a lot of foods and decorations that can be dangerous for your pet in the house at Christmas. Grapes, raisins and garlic are food items that are poisonous to your pet so make sure to fully clear the dinner plates away after Christmas meals.