Pauline with Snowy


Wednesday 23 Mar 2022


Meet the Amazing Pauline, one of our dedicated Mobile Clinic Volunteers.

Pauline Power – Mobile Clinic Volunteer 

I’m originally from Cork but now live in Kilmainham. I have been volunteering with the Irish Blue Cross Mobile Clinics for 20 years now and my usual location is Ballybrack.

I don’t have pets but I have been fostering cats for 10 years – my latest addition is Snowy (pictured above). I was working in TV when I started volunteering with The Irish Blue Cross and I was between projects when Chris Conneely and I liaised on working on a promotional video to be shown in schools.

I’d recommend becoming a volunteer, no two nights are the same. I remember once, a man arrived on his horse at our clinic in Blanchardstown – the appointment was for his horse!

On another occasion at the mobile clinics, two Gardaí arrived with a tiny chihuahua in their arms. They asked for it to be seen for an elderly lady who was housebound. When they saw the vet it growled continuously, and only when the Garda picked it up again it would stop. The chihuahua obviously felt comfortable nestled in the Garda’s arms!

This year I’m looking forward to travelling again. I am a big fan of the summer, a sandy beach, and some sunshine – who isn’t!

We appreciate any support that we can get. So, if you would like to know more about volunteering click here.