Saturday 22 Jun 2024


Pet Tips for Hot Weather

As conditions become warmer, and high temperatures become more of a frequent occurrence, we have some good advice for keeping pets safe and healthy;

Pet Tips for Hot Weather

  • Do keep your dog indoors
  • Do make sure your dog has plenty of access to shade if outdoors
  • Do make sure there is plenty of fresh water available for your pet
  • Don’t take your pet out between 11am and 6pm on hot days
  • Do take your pet for a walk very early morning or very late evening when the sun has gone down in cooler temperatures
  • If your pet is older, overweight or brachycephalic take extra care on very hot days it may still be too warm early morning or late evening to take them out without risking heat stroke
  • If your pet is brachycephalic take extra care that they don’t overheat in warm weather, it doesn’t need to be a very hot day for a brachycephalic pet to get heat stroke it out in the sun
  • Make sure the pavement/ground surface you’re walking your dog on is not too hot for your pet – don’t forget they don’t wear shoes!
  • Do play with your pet indoors and use interactive toys to keep them mentally stimulated
  • Never leave your pet in a car in hot weather in any situation

Heat stroke is extremely dangerous and in worst case situations can be life threatening

Signs of heat stroke – temperature, Restlessness, excessive panting, heavy breathing or difficulty breathing, drooling, change in gum colour from pink to dark red, pale, purple or blue. They may also be drowsy or uncoordinated and may collapse or vomit in severe cases

If you think your pet has heat stroke, Take them to a shaded cool area, Give them small amounts of cool water to drink, Contact your vet immediately if you think your pet may have heat stroke.