Thursday 8 Dec 2022


Pet Tips for Winter Weather

As conditions become colder, and storms become more of a frequent occurrence, here is some advice for keeping pets safe and healthy.

In cold weather it’s important to remember our furry friends feel the cold just like we do. Here are some very simple Do’s & Don’ts to make winter more comfortable for our four legged companions;

DO take them inside

DO make sure they have a nice warm comfy bed with lots of blankets

DO wipe your pets feet when they come in from a walk

DO make sure your pet is microchipped, and has a collar with a tag & phone number, in case they get lost in weather with poor visibility

DO use a coat or jumper to keep your pet warm but only if they don’t find clothing restrictive. Make sure to take any wet clothing off once you get back inside, as wet clothing left on will only make your pet feel colder

DO allow time for more indoor play time to replace walks in bad weather

DO have the radio or tv on if there is a lot of wind – some pets find the noise of wind or stormy weather frightening

DO make sure any water outdoors does not freeze over

DON’T walk them for too long on icy ground as it can hurt and injure their little paws

DON’T place a hot water bottle on them as this can cause burns

DON’T feed your pet extra in cold weather as you don’t want them to gain weight!

DON’T walk your pet on frozen lakes

DON’T take your pet swimming in bad weather

Also, make sure to be careful with any anti-freeze around the house, garage, or shed, as this is extremely poisonous to pets.

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