Sunday 1 Oct 2023


Vaccinating Your Pet – FAQ’s

We vaccinate our pets to help them fight infectious diseases some of which can be fatal to your pet.

Due to education and awareness the majority of pet owners now vaccinate their pets and this has played a significant role in helping to reduce the number of pets becoming ill and dying from these diseases.

Here are some frequently asked questions about vaccinating your pet;

Why do I need to vaccinate my pet?

We vaccinate dogs to protect them from life threatening diseases such as canine parvovirus “parvo” and leptospirosis. We also vaccinate dogs against Canine Cough often called “Kennel Cough” which is a very contagious cough your dog can pick up outside. We vaccinate cats against “cat flu” to prevent flu like symptoms caused by feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus and feline panleucopenia.

How many vaccinations does my pet need?

Your pet will require 2 vaccinations 4 weeks apart initially to start off their vaccines. After this your pet will require a yearly top up/booster vaccination for the rest of their life to continue protecting them from these serious diseases.

Can my pet go outdoors after the first vaccination?

Your pet should not mix with other pets until approximately 2 weeks after the last of their primary vaccinations as they will not be fully protected before this.

Keep your pet safe and vaccinate!

Speak with your vet today about your pets vaccine requirements.

Our Irish Blue Cross Mobile Clinics offer low cost vaccinations to eligible pet owners so every pet can be protected.

For more Pet Advice, click here; https://www.bluecross.ie/pet-advice/