Bailey’s on the Mend!

Bailey arrived at our Cabra mobile clinic badly injured and limping on her back left leg. Our mobile clinic vet went into action immediately putting Bailey on pain relief and referred her into our main clinic at Inchicore.

Bailey attended the Inchicore clinic the following day where we assessed her injuries further. Bailey’s X-ray showed a dislocated hip and so she was booked in for an FHO procedure. Bailey was otherwise a very healthy dog and therefore an excellent candidate for surgery.

An FHO procedure is a femoral head and neck ostectomy (this means we remove the ball part of the ball and socket hip joint). The aim of the surgery is to allow for a false hip joint to form over time in the empty socket where the femur used to be.
Surgery means that Bailey will be able to get around more comfortably in time once she has fully recovered from the surgery.

Through her braveness and the great support and aftercare from her owners she came through her ordeal very well. Bailey has been back to our team for her check ups and is doing very well.

The first two weeks after surgery Bailey had to be very careful not to overdo things, this meant no running, no jumping and no walks other than to go out for a toilet break on a lead. After this it is important to focus on strengthening the muscles in the leg through controlled exercise to make sure that Bailey gets back to normal mobility.

Our team are delighted, it’s heart-warming to see Bailey walking about more comfortably!

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