How We Helped Sparkles

Sparkles stole the hearts of our Veterinary team when she was admitted to our Inchicore clinic. Sparkles urgently needed surgical treatment of an aural hematoma – This is a large swelling that develops on the ear flap as a result of trauma to the blood vessels, usually as a result of excessive shaking of the head when a dog has an ear infection. If left untreated, scar tissue forms and can result in a deformity of the ear – similar to a cauliflower ear in humans.

Using their expertise, our amazing team leapt into action. In order to treat Sparkles hematoma we first drained the excess fluid from her ear pinna (or ear flap) and then tacked the skin to prevent the space from refilling. The little pieces of tubing (as seen above) ensure that Sparkles ear is comfortable with the sutures in place. After a week we removed the sutures and Sparkles got her normal ear back.


As you can see she was delighted to get the good news that the surgery was a success from one of our Veterinary Nurses Liane! We treat thousands of sick and injured animals like Sparkles every year. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help. If you can, please click here to leave a donation, and help us to continue our essential work. Thank You.


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