We’re staying open to help pets like Buttons

Our vets and nurses are as busy as ever during the Covid-19 pandemic, performing essential services and helping pets like Buttons.

Buttons is a 3 year old cutie crossbreed, who came into us because he had “Cherry Eye”.

Did you know dogs have a third eyelid? This third eyelid comes across the eye from the nose side. This particular eyelid is the one that produces tears in dogs.

With “Cherry Eye”, the tissue in the third eyelid weakens and the gland protrudes through it. This means you can see what looks like a mass coming from poor Buttons’ right eye.

When this happens the gland can get swollen, doesn’t circulate blood properly, and the eye does not produce tears. Dogs with dry eyes are more at risk of getting eye infections and need to have fake tears put into their eyes daily. Pets will also paw and rub at the gland which can cause them to damage their eye permanently.

Buttons needed surgery to replace the exposed gland through his third eyelid. The gland was prolapsed and it was causing severe pain and discomfort – if our team did not act fast, Buttons would develop conjunctivitis and could have lost his eye.

Luckily vet Úna and nurse Ellen gave him the very best of care at our clinic in Inchicore. Buttons is now recovering very well at home from his surgery, and his family are spoiling him rotten!

“I cannot rate them highly enough, they provide a life saving service. He’s a pet, but he feels more like a another child or a brother – he really is part of the Family. The Irish Blue Cross has always been there for Buttons, we cannot thank them enough” – Lyndsey & Taylor Walker, Buttons’ Family.

We are still providing services during the current crisis. If you can help us in any way to continue the work that we do, please give what you can by clicking here to make a donation.

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