How we helped Benji beat Parvo Virus

Our vets and nurses are as busy as ever during the Covid-19 pandemic, performing essential services and helping pets like Benji. Benji is a Shih-Tzu Cross Terrier, who is only a year and six months old.

Poor Benji was suffering from Parvo, a very serious virus that is highly contagious and can be life threatening (sound familiar?).

Parvo is highly contagious. It is spread in the faeces of dogs infected with the virus. The virus can be carried and spread by any person, animal or object that comes into contact with the virus. It can live and be carried in the hair of an infected pet, on our shoes or even on food bowls. It is a very robust virus that can live in the environment for a long time.

Dogs with parvo will usually be very sick. They will usually be vomiting and have bloody diarrhoea. Dogs with parvo will often stop eating, lose weight and be very lethargic.

Luckily our front line heroes, Una & Liane, were there to nurse him back to full health.

Vaccinating your pet against Parvo is the best way to try prevent them from getting the virus. It is extremely important that the first course of vaccinations are given correctly and that yearly booster vaccinations are given after that. For more information on Parvo virus, please click here.

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Rocco’s story – How we saved his life

This is Rocco, a 10-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian cross, and a much-loved family pet. Rocco was rushed to our clinic in Inchicore after he was attacked by another dog.

Our Clinic team discovered multiple fractures to Rocco’s jaw. The trauma of his injury also caused part of the jawbone to protrude through the floor of his mouth, causing him serious pain, suffering, and distress.

These life-threatening injuries would have meant that Rocco was not able to eat – so emergency surgery was needed to save him. Our Veterinary team leaped into action and took Rocco into the operating room.

They wired his tiny jaw in two places to stabilise it. Inside his mouth, several large wounds needed multiple stitches. With our vets’ expertise and care, the operation was a success.

Rocco is recovering well from his ordeal, helped with a week-long course of antibiotics and painkillers after the surgery. The wiring had to stay in place for six weeks, while his jaw healed. During this time, his owners looked after him, spoiling him with kindness and keeping him comfortable.

“We couldn’t have got a better service. I’m amazed by his recovery and he is absolutely flying. If it wasn’t for the Irish Blue Cross, he wouldn’t be here. I can’t thank the Vets and Nurse enough; they are absolute life savers.” – Rocco’s Owner, Therese.

Rocco survived his trauma and has recovered well, thanks to the quick intervention of the Irish Blue Cross team.

Luckily for Rocco and his family, we were there when they needed us.

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We helped Bailey just in time. Help us help more pets like her.

When Bailey came to our Inchicore clinic we could see she wasn’t well. Our vet found she had a sore and swollen tummy.

An ultrasound scan revealed why. Bailey had a pyometra, an infection of the womb. This was a potentially fatal medical emergency, and we had to act fast. We brought Bailey into surgery to remove her ovaries and womb, saving her life in the process.

Bailey recovered well from her ordeal, helped with a course of antibiotics and painkillers for a week after the surgery. She had stitches in her tummy for ten days to help her heal. During this time, her pet parents looked after her, spoiling her with kindness and keeping her comfortable.

Bailey survived her infection and recovered, thanks to the quick intervention of the Irish Blue Cross. Luckily for Bailey, we were there.

Our emergency surgery saved Bailey’s life. This is a vital part of what we do.

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Christina Conneely
Chief Executive Officer

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