Bark In The Park is Back!!!

We are delighted to announce that our ever popular Bark In The Park™ events are back for the first time since 2019!

This year we will be holding 4 Bark In The Park™ sponsored dog walks throughout Dublin during the months of June through to September. The fun packed events are a real draw for anyone with an interest in dog walking!

Our Bark in the Park events are super family fun days with a 4km walk along a special paw printed route for you, your family – and most importantly, your four-legged friends – to enjoy! You’ll enjoy music, fun and games, raffles and dog competitions to win the much coveted titles of Dog with the Best Bark, Dog with the Happiest Smile, Dog with the Waggiest Tail, Dog with the Shiniest Coat and much, much more! The walks usually “barks off” at 3pm – come early and meet other dog lovers and their doggies taking part! On completion, all participants receive a certificate and a goody bag. All money raised goes towards supporting the running costs of our charitable veterinary services.

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Come join us for a sponsored dog walk and family fun day – all in aid of The Irish Blue Cross!

You’ll enjoy an afternoon of fun, music, games, raffles, goody bags and our dog competitions to win the much-coveted titles of Dog with the Best Bark, Dog with the Happiest Smile, Dog with the Waggiest Tail, and Dog with the Shiniest Coat!. Does your dog have what it takes to win?

Are you and your dog ready to Bark in the Park™? Come along and enjoy the fun!
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Please note that all dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times. Restricted breeds must wear muzzles.

All funds raised will go towards the work of The Irish Blue Cross animal welfare charity with sick and needy pets.

You can also make a once-off or recurring donation to support our work, just click here!

How We Saved Bonnie’s Life

This is Bonnie, a 9-year-old Shih Tzu and beloved companion to her owner, Audrey. Bonnie had bladder stones caused by a bladder infection. She was suffering huge discomfort. Some patients with bladder stones will have bloody urine, recurrent bladder infections and difficulty urinating. If they cause a blockage and the pet is unable to urinate, the stones can lead to a life-threatening emergency.

Bonnie was brought to our clinic in Inchicore, where our veterinary team leapt into action, giving her an X-ray and a scan. They identified that Bonnie needed urgent surgery, and thanks to our vets’ expertise and care, the operation was a success.

Bonnie’s life was saved.

Our vets and nurses gave Bonnie all the aftercare she needed – including the occasional belly rub, making her tail wag with happiness!

Bladder stones often require lifelong management for pets – that’s why our team have put Bonnie on special medication and a bespoke diet. She has regular check-ups at our Inchicore clinic to make sure that she is responding well to treatment.

“The Blue Cross is a fantastic resource, they have been so good to our two rescue dogs, but especially Bonnie, with her multiple surgeries and endless visits. We can always count on the Blue Cross and we know Bonnie is in great hands with them. We appreciate all the staff so much, from the vets to the drivers of the mobile clinics.” – Audrey, Bonnies Owner.

You can read the Irish Blue Cross Easter Newsletter 2022 here. 

Thankfully for Bonnie and her owner, the Irish Blue Cross team were there when they needed us.

Bonnie survived her trauma and has recovered well, thanks to the quick intervention of the Irish Blue Cross team.

Luckily for Bonnie and her family, the Irish Blue Cross team were there when they needed us. Today, she’s come through her ordeal, and is thriving.

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Our Easter Draw took place on Friday 22nd April 2022.

All winners have been notified.

1st Prize 37159

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3rd Prize 45644

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8th Prize 50749

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15th Prize 51722

16th Prize 14390


Sellers Prize Winning Numbers.

All winners have been notified.

1st Prize 45221

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3rd Prize 48076

4th Prize 35345

Sincere thanks to all of our sellers and participants in this years raffle, we are extremely grateful of your support!

Thank you!

Leaving a Legacy to The Irish Blue Cross

Your gift will support our work into the future, allowing your legacy and love for pets to live on.

You may have heard the term ‘legacy giving’ or ‘bequest’ but weren’t sure what it meant. It is quite simply planning to make a difference, both for you and for a charity or cause you really care about, through a charitable gift in your will.

The goal of these gifts is to ‘leave a legacy’ that can have a positive or even transforming impact when you are gone. Legacy gifts have played a significant role in allowing us to expand our small animal services in recent years and helps us to continue treating the thousands of sick and injured pets every year.

Once family and loved ones are looked after in your will, consider how you else you can help. Whether it’s a modest sum or a small percentage of your will, leaving a gift to The Irish Blue Cross can support our work into the future and ensures that your love for pets lives on. If you don’t already have a will in place, we recommend that you seek independent professional advice from a solicitor who will help you in the process of making one. If you already have a will in place, your solicitor can help you update it to include a legacy gift.

Nobody knows what the future holds but leaving a legacy gift in your will is an amazing way for you to continue your support of our work after you are gone. To find out more about remembering The Irish Blue Cross in your will, you can speak with us in the strictest confidence by calling Paul on (01) 4163032 or you can email Your legacy could safeguard the future of The Irish Blue Cross, and help us, help pets like Rocco.

The Irish Blue Cross are members of My Legacy.  My Legacy is a group of over 100 Irish charities who actively promote legacy giving and urge the public to consider leaving a legacy gift in your will. Find out more in the video below!

How We Helped Sparkles

Sparkles stole the hearts of our Veterinary team when she was admitted to our Inchicore clinic. Sparkles urgently needed surgical treatment of an aural hematoma – This is a large swelling that develops on the ear flap as a result of trauma to the blood vessels, usually as a result of excessive shaking of the head when a dog has an ear infection. If left untreated, scar tissue forms and can result in a deformity of the ear – similar to a cauliflower ear in humans.

Using their expertise, our amazing team leapt into action. In order to treat Sparkles hematoma we first drained the excess fluid from her ear pinna (or ear flap) and then tacked the skin to prevent the space from refilling. The little pieces of tubing (as seen above) ensure that Sparkles ear is comfortable with the sutures in place. After a week we removed the sutures and Sparkles got her normal ear back.


As you can see she was delighted to get the good news that the surgery was a success from one of our Veterinary Nurses Liane! We treat thousands of sick and injured animals like Sparkles every year. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help. If you can, please click here to leave a donation, and help us to continue our essential work. Thank You.


We’re staying open to help pets like Buttons

Our vets and nurses are as busy as ever during the Covid-19 pandemic, performing essential services and helping pets like Buttons.

Buttons is a 3 year old cutie crossbreed, who came into us because he had “Cherry Eye”.

Did you know dogs have a third eyelid? This third eyelid comes across the eye from the nose side. This particular eyelid is the one that produces tears in dogs.

With “Cherry Eye”, the tissue in the third eyelid weakens and the gland protrudes through it. This means you can see what looks like a mass coming from poor Buttons’ right eye.

When this happens the gland can get swollen, doesn’t circulate blood properly, and the eye does not produce tears. Dogs with dry eyes are more at risk of getting eye infections and need to have fake tears put into their eyes daily. Pets will also paw and rub at the gland which can cause them to damage their eye permanently.

Buttons needed surgery to replace the exposed gland through his third eyelid. The gland was prolapsed and it was causing severe pain and discomfort – if our team did not act fast, Buttons would develop conjunctivitis and could have lost his eye.

Luckily vet Úna and nurse Ellen gave him the very best of care at our clinic in Inchicore. Buttons is now recovering very well at home from his surgery, and his family are spoiling him rotten!

“I cannot rate them highly enough, they provide a life saving service. He’s a pet, but he feels more like a another child or a brother – he really is part of the Family. The Irish Blue Cross has always been there for Buttons, we cannot thank them enough” – Lyndsey & Taylor Walker, Buttons’ Family.

We are still providing services during the current crisis. If you can help us in any way to continue the work that we do, please give what you can by clicking here to make a donation.

The Irish Blue Cross Statement on Covid-19

The Irish Blue Cross Statement on Covid 19

Our Services are still operational. However, they are on a strictly appointment only basis.

To make an appointment at one of our 10 Mobile Clinic locations, or to book an appointment at our Head Clinic in Inchicore; email or call 01-4163030.

Our phone lines are extremely busy, so please be patient, leave a clear message with contact details, and one of our team will get back to you.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls, and our vets, nurses, and receptionists are stretched to the very limit. We ask for your patience and understanding.

We would like to re-iterate that there is no evidence that Pets spread coronavirus.

We ask clients who are attending our mobile clinics, or our Inchicore clinic, to follow these steps so that we can treat all patients in a timely and professional manner;

At our Inchicore Clinic

  • When you arrive for your appointment, we would ask you to press the intercom buzzer and wait outside.
  • We request that only the pet owner or the person looking after the pet patient attend our Inchicore clinic. Please do not bring extra family members or friends where possible.
  • Please observe social distancing where possible
  • Please phone in your pets prescriptions in advance to save time – ph: 01-416 3030 or
  • Please pay over the phone for all prescriptions if possible
  • If you don’t feel well please reschedule your appointment for the safety of our staff and other clients

We also ask all clients to heed directives from the HSE to combat transmission of the virus and to;


  • Wash your hands properly and often.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough and sneeze.
  • Put used tissues into bins provided.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are not well.
  • Avoid crowded places, especially indoors.
  • Stay at home if you are sick to help stop the spread of whatever infection you may have

A link to the HSE advice on Covid-19 can be found here

A list of our mobile clinic locations and operating times can be found here

Information on our Inchicore clinic can be found here

For any veterinary queries, you can contact our team in Inchicore on or 01 416 30 30

For any non veterinary queries please contact Fundraising on .

Nurse Ellen – Working on The Frontline

Over a year on, living with COVID-19, and our work at The Irish Blue Cross is as challenging and crucial as ever. As I write we are currently still on lockdown level 5. This means we are down to skeleton staff to maintain COVID-19 protocols and ensure client and staff safety. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however.

I enjoy Medical Nursing. Part of my job includes dentals, of which we are seeing increasing numbers. Our most common cases are older pets with badly infected and rotten teeth; this can affect their entire system from the infection in their mouth. We cover give tips on good dental health for your pet here.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is to see an elderly dog walk out The Irish Blue Cross clinic doors post-dental treatment, full of life and energy! The thing we hear most commonly from owners is, “They’re like a puppy again!” It gives me great job satisfaction to make an older pet so much more comfortable in their twilight years!

Cuddles from patients like Ziggy, remind me why I love my job at the Irish Blue Cross so much. Knowing our work is vitally important to the thousands of patients we treat, together with our amazing team of vets, nurses, and volunteers, provides me with all the motivation to keep working and helping as many patients as possible.

We appreciate any support that we can get. So, if you can, please donate here.

We are taking on New Clients for Vaccinations ONLY

The Irish Blue Cross is Delighted to announce that we can take on a limited number of new clients for Vaccinations ONLY.

These will take place on our 10 mobile clinic locations (note: not our Inchicore Clinic) which can be found by clicking here

Due to COVID-19 You MUST make make an appointment with us by emailing our team on or calling 01-4163032.

Our lines are extremely busy, so if you can’t get through first time, please clearly state your name, number, and any other contact details.

Unfortunately at present, due to the huge demand on our charitable resources, we are still unable to take on new clients in our Inchicore Clinic.

We will hopefully be able to do so over the coming weeks and months ahead – keep an eye on our Facebooktwitter, and Instagram for further updates.

And remember, to always be kind to our very own Frontline heroes.

Coco’s story – How we saved her life

This is Coco, a five-year-old Staffie, and a much-loved family pet. Coco came to see our team at the Inchicore Clinic. She had a large tumour on the left side of her body. The tumour kept getting bigger, causing Coco huge pain and discomfort.

The tumour grew out into the space behind her leg, which made it extremely painful for Coco to walk. It soon became ulcerated and infected, a heavy lump in her side.

Without treatment, the tumour would take away Coco’s ability to walk. She would have to be put to sleep. Coco needed emergency surgery. So, after treating her infection with antibiotics, our veterinary team took Coco into the operating room.

For over three hours, the surgeon worked to remove Coco’s life-threatening tumour. We soon discovered there were two more tumours hiding behind the first, giant growth.

Thanks to our vets’ expertise and care, the operation was a success.

Then, as her surgery was so extensive, we kept her under observation for a week.

Our vets and nurses gave Coco all the aftercare she needed – including the occasional tickle to her tummy, causing her tail to wag with happiness.

Coco was a wonderful patient and although we were sad to see her leave, we were delighted to send her home having made such a wonderful recovery. We put her on a course of antibiotics and painkillers to help her heal after the operation. Her owners then took over, looking after Coco with kindness, keeping her comfortable, and yes, tickles.

“We can’t thank The Irish Blue Cross enough for saving Coco’s life. She’s been spoilt rotten since the operation. She is full of life and energy now, and is a totally different dog. We really appreciate all of the help and support we received from all the vets and nurses.” – Coco’s owner.

Rocco survived his trauma and has recovered well, thanks to the quick intervention of the Irish Blue Cross team.

Luckily for Coco and her family, the Irish Blue Cross team were there when they needed us. Today, she’s come through her ordeal, and is thriving.

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This year, because of current restrictions, there’s a difference to our traditional raffle. Instead of selling tickets face to face, you can enter the raffle by buying tickets/ a book of tickets with our through our online shop. You will be given a unique order number, and we’ll put you in the draw. The draw will take place at 3pm on Friday the 9th of April.